Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Task Card Freebie! - Curently December

Thanks to Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade for the Link Up.  I wasn't prepped for it ahead of time, so I pulled this one together quickly.  Hopefully I am not too late to the party. :)

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My printer.  Between my kids school projects and the things I have to print for school, we go through a lot of printer ink in our house.  I've heard people say before that it can be cheaper to continue to buy new printers rather than buy the ink to replace them.  I can believe that.


Having my kids home.  Our kids had the great opportunity to travel to Disney World with the Anthony Wayne Marching band.  They were gone for one week over Thanksgiving break.  It gave my wife and I a small peek into what the house will eventually look and sound like sometime in the near future when the kids fly the coop.  We both missed them terribly and were anticipating when they would call us each night to tell us about their day.  So how did it look with the kids gone?  Much less cluttered.  How did it sound?  Quiet, too quiet.

Here's a peek of their marching routine at the park:


of what to get my wife for Christmas.  My wife is truly wonderful in every way.  But, she is really, really hard to buy for.  She doesn't collect anything.  She doesn't have many hobbies.  She's not into jewelry.  I wouldn't ever attempt to pick out clothing for her as we have totally different tastesShe likes to cook, but she's got about every tool or gadget for the kitchen that she wants and our kitchen is overflowing them.  Today, I bought her some art that she mentioned she liked when we were at an art festival over the summer.  It was expensive, but I'm still thinking of something nice to get her.  Got a great idea for me?  Please feel free to post in the comments.

The new Apple Watch.  I don't know if technology can be made sexy, but if it can be then Apple has done it.  I just wish they had this thing ready for Christmas.  Judge for yourself.

A haircut.  Done.  Went to the new "Great Clips" in town and got my hair cut for just $6.99 + tip.  I got a haircut from there the first day they opened for just $2.99!  My friend said that it looked like I spent at least a $5.  :)

One of my new task card products for free.  Its Christmas themed and great for review.  I hope you enjoy it.

 Have a great few weeks up until Christmas everyone!



  1. Thank you for the math freebie. It is perfect for the math I am teaching my fourth graders this week. I'm glad to have met you through Currently. Happy December.
    Artistry of Education

  2. Our district's high school band was also at Disney the same time! That must have been such a neat experience for your children! I hope your family has a great holiday season! :)

  3. I live in California & last year my son played at Disneyland with his high school band!...Tuba player!...Thanks for the math goodie!!!....looks like I need to say, 'Welcome to the wonderful world of teacher blogging!!' I started several years ago, but life hit pretty hard, so I took some time off...back at it now...I am now your second follower on how to add the button to your blog!...Wish I had a good suggestion for a gift for your wife, but no great ideas, good luck!
    The Apple Basket Teacher