Thursday, October 2, 2014

Currently - Place Value Bundle

I must begin this blog post by making a "shout out" to my friends and teaching all-star colleagues, Mary at 4thWorks and Kate from EduKate&Inspire.  They have both been very helpful to me as I have dipped my toes into the educational blogosphere.  Kate gave me great pointers to gain more traffic to my site along with moral support.  Mary has given me some technical tips as well along with a lot of encouragement and inspiration.  Thank you so very much!  

Mary suggested I'm link up with Farley, at Oh Boy 4th Grade, for her monthly Currently Linky.  By coincidence, Oh Boy 4th Grade happened to be the first blog other than Mary and Kate's that I followed.  It must have been fate.  Hopefully, I can get all of the rules right here and do everything that is expected of me.  :)

Here's my treat for you.  This is the culmination of a lot of hard work I've put in this fall on my 4th grade place value unit.  It's the whole kit and kaboodle for only $3.  I'm fairly new to TpT and so is this product.  I'm hoping you'll love it.  Enjoy!   

And here's my trick.  Its a link to my most recent blog post. My 10 Favorite Review Activities.  I hope you find one in there that you like and can use.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Congrats on diving into the blog world! I just started this summer as well, and I've really enjoyed making connections with teachers around the world. Hope you enjoy it too! :)
    One Lucky Teacher

  2. Hi Shane,
    Your place value pack looks like a great resource- If I taught 4th, I'd snatch it up! Blogging will definitely help you get the word out about your products.
    Good luck :)
    Creating a Thoughtful Classroom